Streetlight outage? We know what to do

All streetlight outages and repair requests should be sent to the City of Norfolk via their Norfolk Cares line. After a streetlight outage is reported, the City of Norfolk will contact Dominion Energy, which is responsible for the repair. 

When reporting streetlight problems to the City, please provide either the pole numbers (tags found on the pole) OR the street name and the closest property address. Please also forward the information to GNL’s Community Improvement Chair for our tracking purposes. 

Norfolk Cares Line

(757) 664- 6510


Dominion Energy advises the following repair time frames:  

From the date the outage is reported, the investigation of the outage may take up to 5 days to complete.

Depending on the result of the investigation, the repair could take 2-3 weeks to complete (underground cable repair, overhead cable repair, lighting fixture replacements).

If attempts to repair the underground cable are unsuccessful, the entire span of cable will be replaced. Cable replacements could take 45 days or more to complete.

Special permitting requirements or unexpected field conditions will have an adverse effect on the restoration time frame.