The incidents of catalytic converter thefts are an epidemic state-wide that has come to Ghent.  Several neighbors have reported having their cars vandalized.  The scarcity of off-street parking for residents combined with the ruthless efficiency of the catalytic converter thieves have neighbors asking what can be done to protect themselves and their property.  The following information was provided by the Norfolk Police Department for dissemination to our members.  

The best advice we can offer can be found in this article:

How to Protect Your Catalytic Converter From Theft | Farmers Insurance®

Currently, all scrap yards/recycling centers are required by law to obtain and report the identification of persons selling precious metals, which NPD monitors using LEADS online.

Norfolk Police has partnered with LEADS online services which alerts us of potential stolen items that are sold to pawn shops, scrap dealer’s, etc. Please see the following for reference:

§ 59.1-136.5. Reports of purchases by scrap metal purchasers (

The nation’s largest online investigation system | LeadsOnline

In addition, Chief Michael Goldsmith of the Norfolk Police Department will be speaking at the upcoming GNL Membership Meeting on Wednesday, August 17, 2022, at 6:30 PM at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 520 Graydon Avenue. 

The new Community Resource Officer for our neighborhood is Officer Charles Dreer.  His contact information is 757-353-1268 and

If you witness a crime in progress call 911.  The police non emergency number is 757-441-5610. 



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