Over the weekend a new construction project popped up along the Hague Seawall directly in front of the Chrysler Museum. This latest activity is to address a leak in the storm drainpipe that runs under Mary’s Garden, a popular sculpture exhibit space and events venue at the museum. According to the City’s Storm Water office, two other repair attempts to this storm drainpipe have failed. A new consultant and divers have been retained and a permanent repair is underway.

Currently, there are other repairs needed along the historic and iconic Hague Seawall – as evidenced by the orange cones. The City’s Shoreline Protection consultant, Moffatt and Nichol, has completed an assessment of the previous damage to the Hague Seawall and has recommended installation of a temporary fix. The estimated cost for permitting, design and construction of the interim measures is approximately $300,000. Public Works does not currently have a funding source for the interim work.

The failed section is being continuously monitored in order to determine whether the interim repair methods can be delayed in order to obtain funding in the FY 24 Capitol Improvement Program for a permanent repair. The City has had plans for permanent repairs and rehabilitation of The Hague Bulkhead since the mid-1990’s. Public Works will submit a CIP request in the FY24 budget cycle this Fall. The preliminary estimate of the permanent repair and rehabilitation cost is $5,000 per linear foot of bulkhead. The failed section, and the adjacent sections which are in need of replacement, amount to approximately 150 linear feet. We will continue to monitor this situation and advocate for the funding of this postponed and necessary project.



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