The Norfolk Public Schools recently presented a draft recommendation to the school board to demolish the historic Maury High School building and replace it with a new Four-Story classroom building. The NPS rejected plans that, at comparable cost, would have increased the size of Maury and completely renovate the existing structure. The NPS defends its “demolish
and replace” recommendation based on the endorsement of 53 people that attended two public meetings and one virtual meeting with faith leaders. This is an unacceptably low sampling. Outreach from ten of Norfolk’s Civic Leagues seeking a meeting and further discussion of the NPS plans has been rebuffed. The fate of the 1910 Maury High School Building is being rushed with next to no stakeholder or alumni input.

In a concession to members of the Norfolk School Board, the NPS has issued a community survey for comment on the NPS’s draft recommendation. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard on this matter. Unfortunately, the NPS survey offers a “take it or leave it” choice: A citizen is offered a yes or no choice on Option B2. If your answer is no, you are asked to share your comments with the NPS by emailing the NPS Administration. Regrettably, NPS has NOT given you the opportunity to vote in favor of the renovation choices presented by the architect to NPS.

This is the link:

The GNL strongly encourages participation in the NPS Survey. The NPS survey about Maury High School is important to review closely. Please consider answering “NO” to the NPS survey AND sending your response to Mr. Fraley, Chief Operations Officer, Norfolk Public Schools, to members of the Norfolk School Board, city leaders and to the GNL (via

A ”NO” Vote on the NPS survey is actually:

  • A YES to the best school for current and future Maury High School students and teachers.
  • A YES to preserving Maury High School, one of the finest examples of civic architecture in the city and the educational institution for generations of Norfolk residents since 1911.
  • A YES to a compromise that saves the historic Maury High School and provides a new classroom building for our students and teachers.

We also ask you to share your comments with your circle of friends and neighbors. Informing the community about the NPS plans for the future of Maury High School is now the responsibility of neighbors, alumni, friends of preservation, and civic leagues. Please take the time to weigh in on this very important matter. It is to the benefit of everyone to retain this world class building for the education of the children in our community. City Council will pay to renovate. There is no reason to demolish the 1910 Maury High School. A new four-story classroom building can be built and the existing building can be saved.

Please send your “NO” comments to:

Mr. Richard C. Fraley, Sr.
Chief Operations Officer
Norfolk Public Schools

Mr. Carlos Clanton
School Board Chair

Dr. Noelle M. Gabriel
School Board Vice Chair

Ms. Tanya K. Bhasin
Ward 2 Member

Ms. Lauren D. Campsen
Ward 5 Member

Mr. Rodney A. Jordan
Superward 7 Member

Dr. Adale M. Martin
Ward 1 Member

Ms. Tiffany Moore-Buffaloe
Ward 4 Newley-elected
Email address pending

Kenneth Cooper Alexander, PhD

Martin Thomas, Jr.
Vice Mayor, Ward 1

Larry “Chip” Filler
City Manager

Courtney R. Doyle
Ward 2

Andria P. McClellan
Superward 6

2 Responses

  1. Please do not close Maury High School. It is a distinct asset to our community. I am a retired naval officer having served 30 years in the navy and have known a good number of folks who had sons and daughters graduate from Maury.

    It will be a mistake to close this high school.
    Tom Weaver
    Captain, USN, (ret.)

  2. I’ve lived in Ghent (Mowbray Arch) for 51 years. It’s expensive to maintain these treasures of old…. but it’s important to preserve Norfolk’s history and beauty. Maury High School IS Norfolk history. It’s a landmark of an important era in history. I vote NO to the demolition of Maury.

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