Good evening! Here is a joint open letter from 9 of Norfolk’s civic leagues regarding Maury High School. Text is as follows:

Dear Dr.Byrdsong and Mr. Fraley:
It has come to our attention that the Norfolk Public Schools (NPS) is prepared to present proposals to the Norfolk School Board for consideration and an imminent vote on the future of Maury High School. Further, we have learned that the majority of the 50 participants in the two public meetings hosted by the NPS support a plan to demolish the existing Maury High School and erect a new building on a different site on the Maury campus. As the elected representatives of the civic leagues and associations that represent the roughly 50,000 neighbors and students that feed the Maury High School population, we are writing to request additional information and further coordination with our organizations prior to any school board vote.
While we are agreed that it is in our interest to end up with a plan for Maury High School that is best for the students, teachers, and the community Maury High School serves, we think that more time is needed to engage the community to fully discuss the plans developed by the NPS and to consider other options. We feel that greater public engagement and community outreach will result in an excellent outcome.
Algonquin Park/North Shore Point Civic League
Colonial Place/Riverview Civic League
Downtown Norfolk Civic League
Freemason Street Area Association
Ghent Neighborhood League
Ghent Square Community Association
Lamberts Point Civic League
Lochhaven Civic League
West Ghent Civic League

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